Helsinki adapts to climate change

Colourful houses in Kuninkaantammi. Photo: Susa Junnola

As Helsinki starts to implement a detailed action plan to render the city carbon neutral by 2035, the city draws up other plans to prepare for changes in the climate ahead.

The Helsinki district of Kuninkaantammi provides a glimpse into the future of the city. The district is a pilot area for climate-smart development. The buildings are marked and separated from each other by conspicuous volumes of green and the courtyards have rain gardens. All low-rise buildings have green roofs, and some of the walls of higher-rise buildings are green walls.

“Our planning goals with Kuninkaantammi were to make the area fun to live in, communal and climate smart,” the principal planner of Kuninkaantammi, Suvi Tyynilä, says.

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