Environmental art in Kalasatama


Summer events in Kalasatama offer residents and visitors dance, contemporary circus and Baroque music. The events are open to all and free of charge.

The environmental dance production Sörnäistenniemen Möhkäle (“chunk of Sörnäinen peninsula”), the contemporary circus production Aramid, and a series of Baroque music events Kalasatamanyö (“night of Kalasatama”) are funded by the City of Helsinki environmental art project. The project helps to realize both permanent and temporary art and events to improve resident comfort during the extensive Kalasatama construction phase.

Spatial solo dance production

The Möhkäle production by Petri Kekoni Company, debuted in October 2018, is seen in August in the Sörnäistenniemi sea area at the Capellanaukio square. The choreography and concept are by Petri Kekoni.

The production combines motion with sculptural costumes by Joanna Weckman and sound and light design by Mikko Hynninen. “The event offers a communal experience and opportunities for participation not only to local residents but to other people in Helsinki, too. Further, the production brings art to the seashore. In this way the central idea of the production – the coexistence of human beings and natural elements – is handsomely highlighted,” Kekoni comments.

There will be four performances from 29 August to 1 September 2019. The events also include open workshops related to the themes. The exact dates and times of the performances will be announced later. 

Sörnäistenniemen Möhkäle is a spatial solo dance production by Petri Kekoni Company. Photo: Orrensalophoto

Contemporary circus production Aramid

Aerial acrobatics by the Ilmatila society, music and architecture combine in Aramid, a contemporary circus production performed inside the Väre artwork by Lighting Design Collective. Väre is located at the Englantilaisaukio square. Musician Aino Venna has composed a sound work with songs to support aerial acrobatics, based on her study of the Kalasatama architecture and environment over 24 hours. “The production is targeted at everybody irrespective of age, language skills and wealth. We’re hoping that the production will be owned both by local residents and by others not familiar with Kalasatama and Väre,” Venna and circus artist Ilona Jäntti comment.

The performance dates are Tuesday­–Thursday 23–25 July, Sunday 28 July and Thursday–Sunday 1–4 August 2019.

Night and Baroque music concerts in Kalasatama

Night of Kalasatama music events consist of evening and nighttime concerts by the Finnish Baroque Orchestra (FiBO). The focus of the five-part series of events is on music, but music is accompanied by contemporary circus and meditation. The first part of the series presents an introduction to English Baroque music. The second part presents music by early Italian composers for the violin and lute. The third part leads the audience to meditate with music by Purcell and Dowland. The fourth part focuses on music by Bach, and the last part features a Baroque music ensemble from Mallorca.

“The concerts offer urban people tranquility, beauty, joy and inspiration amidst their everyday lives,” says FiBO Executive Manager LauraKajander.