Vallisaari will be closed on weekdays between 19 Aug and 6 Sep 2019

Uutta Helsinkiä

The construction of a water supply and sewage network will start on Vallisaari Island on 19 August 2019. Connection to the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY’s water supply and sewage network will enable the introduction of water closets on the island in addition to the existing dry toilets, and will also enhance the operating conditions of entrepreneurs in e.g. the café and restaurant sector.

Vallisaari will be open for visitors normally every day until 18 August 2019, after which the island will be closed on weekdays from 19 August to 6 September 2019 due to excavation work. During this period, excavation work will be conducted on the island involving the removal of old explosives from the soil. For safety reasons, landing and moving on the island is prohibited during this period. Waterbuses will also not operate on these days.

The island will be open normally at weekends and, from 7 September 2019 onwards, daily until the end of September.

Vallisaari is managed by Metsähallitus.The project will be implemented by E.M. Pekkinen and the responsible constructor is Rakennuttajatoimisto HTJ Ltd.

The construction of the water supply and sewage network in Vallisaari is part of the implementation of the upcoming local detailed plan that will develop the island more extensively as a nature destination over the coming years. An underwater pipe from Vallisaari to Suomenlinna will be constructed by the City of Helsinki and HSY, and its construction will start later during the autumn.

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