Survey on current state and future of Viikki and Pihlajisto

Uutta Helsinkiä
The City of Helsinki has three different planning projects in the Viikki–Pihlajisto area. A map survey is used to collect information from residents and users of the area about the current state and future needs. The survey is open until 6 November.

Three extensive planning projects are in progress in the Viikki and Pihlajisto area. It is hoped that residents, operators and users of the area provide opinions on the current state and future needs of the area through the map survey. What is good about the area, what needs to be improved? Where do people feel comfortable or unsafe? Respondents are also asked to mark places that need to be developed on the map. The  mapsurvey is open from 5 October to 6 November 2022. The survey is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Partial city plan to outline future land use of Viikinranta–Lahdenväylä

The preparation of the Viikinranta–Lahdenväylä partial city plan has started. The partial city plan will expand the inner city in the direction of Lahdenväylä, make the urban structure denser along the Viikki−Malmi light rail line and safeguard the Natura values in the Vanhankaupunginlahti. Efforts are being made to reduce the barrier effect and environmental disturbances caused by Lahdenväylä. The partial city plan will support the objectives of the City Plan 2016 and City Strategy for the expansion of the inner city and the formation of a rail transport network city.

Central Viikki plan frame to outline Viikki Science Park and Latokartano’s southern part

A plan frame is being prepared for the central area of Viikki. It will serve as a basis for future detailed plan projects and development of the area in accordance with the City Plan 2016.

The aim of the plan frame is to develop Viikki Science Park and Latokartano’s southern parts. New residential and workplace areas that rely on the impact areas of the Jokeri Light Rail and Viima light rail line will strengthen the vitality of Viikki as part of the rail transport network city.

Pihlajisto to change when Jokeri Light Rail is completed

Over the years, several initiatives have been taken in Pihlajisto for launching complementary construction, but only a few have been realised. The status of Pihlajisto will change within the city with the upcoming completion of the Jokeri Light Rail and that is why planning principles will be prepared for Pihlajisto.

The planning principle work will examine the goals and opportunities related to the development of the area from the point of view of different operators. At the same time, Pihlajisto’s construction, nature and recreational areas, services, public spaces and transport connections will be examined as a whole.

The planning principles will present a vision for the future development of Pihlajisto and guide the next planning phases, such as detailed plans and traffic planning.

Rail transport network of Viikki, Pihlajisto and Malmi to develop

The Jokeri Light Rail will pass through Viikki and Pihlajisto in 2024. The Viikki–Malmi light rail line running alongside Lahdenväylä is in the planning stage. Upon completion, it will serve as the northeast Helsinki’s main connection to the city centre and as an important part of the wider rail transport network.

Planning areas on aerial photo