A new kind of green ecosystem is being built in Östersundom, 15 kilometres north-east from Helsinki downtown. Östersundom is being realised as a joint effort between three municipalities: Helsinki, Vantaa and Sipoo, covering an almost 50-square-kilometre area along the coastline.

Your Perfect Home for Smart & Clean Tech

Under new Östersundom Smart & Clean Vision, the call is out for forward-thinking companies from the fields of circular economy and sustainable solutions.

The Smart & Clean Vision was built in a joint process together with municipal, state, academic and private organisations. Through this process, Helsinki aims to achieve smooth and viable zoning and implementation based on early-stage dialogue between the markets and the public administration.

Circular Economy Meets Smart Administration

The Östersundom Smart & Clean vision outlines the urban development and implementation of the area, with Circular Economy and Smart Administration serving as the horizontal themes. Smart Administration enables, for instance, businesses to develop innovative investments in order to create competitive edge for international cleantech markets.
Smart & Clean solutions are co-created with the public and the private sector, as well as academic institutions and residents, in the areas of renewable energy, waste-free processes, water supply, mobility, construction and stress-free living.

Showcase for the Nation

Östersundom is also a development project with no small national significance, since it is expected to make a major contribution to achieving the goal of the Finnish government programme – to make Finland a true pioneer in bio/circular economies. This goal supports also the objective of making the Helsinki Metropolitan Area “a leading cleantech metropolis”.

In Östersundom, there are areas designated for large scale industries as well as smaller companies, as the master plan allows for all types of businesses to take root here. Three emerging themes are Manufacturing Focus, Health, Nature & Happiness and Harbour Town. 

Another interesting feature is the possibility of Östersundom evolving to a true power corridor for logistics, linking Vuosaari Harbour and Helsinki International Airport. 

Norrberget Goes First

According to plans, the first industrial park to be realised is Norrberget which could encompass as much as 60 hectares. Norrberget could also include a sizeable solar park (43 hectares, according to plans), located by Porvoo highway.

Featuring excellent connections to both the Airport and Vuosaari Harbour, Norrberget can become a real powerhouse for Circular Economy, bringing together all kinds of expertise from this growing sector. 

The proposal for the zoning plan of the Industrial Park is in the pipeline, and could, conceivably, be approved in 2022. This would mean that Norrberget is ready to open its doors in 2023. 
Discussions with major Finnish enterprises and other stakeholders are ongoing, as Norrberget will be realised in tight collaboration with the corporate world.        

Bioeconomy Team

The first taste of Norrberget’s prowess is ‘Bioeconomy Node,’ a spearhead project being initiated jointly by Siemens, Helen, Ramboll, Inspira, Devecon, Sitra and the City Executive Office of Helsinki. The Bioeconomy Node Project seeks to enable green growth and to add value from the sidestreams and wastes by industrial symbioses.

This “Bioeconomy Team” is looking to co-create a circular economy based industrial park that generates electricity, heat and bioproducts such as food and biofuels from the resulting sidestreams.

Östersundom Fast Facts

  • 80,000 residents
  • 15,000 – 30,000 jobs


  • Metro (eventual part of metro expansion eastward)
  • Bus 60 min from Helsinki downtown
  • 19.0 km from Main Railway Station
  • 18.0 km from Helsinki International Airport

Office Premises

  • No corporate zoning for as of yet  


  • Joint master plan of Helsinki, Vantaa and Sipoo 2020 
  • Norrberget Industrial Park 55 hectares 
  • Porvoo highway Solar Park 40 hectares

Special Characteristics

  • Bio & Circular Economy Hub
  • Logistical potential of Vuosaari Harbour and Helsinki Airport
  • Porvoo purchasing power
  • ”Green design” in zoning
Updated 1.4.2019