Pasila is the most accessible place in all of Finland. Furthermore, it is a key district for office construction in the coming years, as central business district keeps expanding northwards. Thanks to new traffic development and robust new construction, Pasila is evolving into a real superhub. Also, the volume of apartments and local services is increasing a great deal. “Pasila 2.0” accommodates work, living and leisure.    

Due to the construction of new offices and business premises, the amount of jobs at Pasila will double, reaching 50,000 by the year 2040. In addition, the number of residents will almost triple to 30,000. At the same time, Pasila will strengthen its role as the go-to district for events while providing top-notch services.   

Pasila is a logistics hub with excellent connections from the city centre, and, actually, from everywhere around the country via all modes of travel. The two local stations, Pasila and Ilmala, are developing into key multimodal hotspots which offer easy transfer from one method of transport to the next. Furthermore, both stations provide convenient rail access to the Helsinki International Airport. Pasila station is well on its way to becoming the most popular station in Finland, with projected 47 million passengers going through here annually.

Pasila by 2040:

  • 50,000 jobs, over 30,000 residents
  • Most accessible place in Finland: Two railway stations, Pasila and Ilmala, both with airport connection
  • 50 million passengers annually
  • 5 EUR billion investments 
Updated 18.2.2021