There’s no place like Pasila in all of Finland. Located in the key intersection of public transportation in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Pasila District is known as “the heart of new Helsinki”.

Pasila – Get Connected, Stay Connected

Pasila District features two railway stations, Pasila and Ilmala. Commuter, long distance and international train routes and dozens of tram and bus lines connect right here, making it the number one traffic hub in Finland for 2020s. 

There are already over 23,000 jobs and over 10,000 inhabitants in Pasila. Located merely five minutes north from the city centre, the abundance of new traffic plans and construction activity is ensuring that Pasila’s central role in Helsinki is becoming even more prominent.

Pasila 360

Pasila is the biggest media hub in the country, with plans to keep expanding in Ilmala area. Likewise, Finland’s largest exhibition centre and the largest sports and event arena can be found in Pasila.

Also, the financial sector has taken a liking to the area as banks and insurance companies keep flocking to the neighbourhood. Pasila is also known for numerous state agencies.

Pasila traffic hub reaches out to all directions, with interesting fresh development opportunities at the local Konepaja area, for instance. According to the plans, this old red-brick neighbourhood will become a vibrant centre for small businesses, community events and all things “WOW!”.   

Through this new wave of development in Pasila, the projects have a definite green streak as the real estate comes with top-level LEED or BREAAM certificates in almost all cases.  

Tripla Kicks Off

Fall 2019, the largest shopping centre in Northern Europe, Mall of Tripla, opens its doors. However, the Tripla Centre is more than just a mall: the versatile urban complex will feature offices, apartments and a hotel, located directly in connection with the new-and-improved Pasila station.

Tripla Centre will be completed by 2020 and will encompass the area around the current Pasila station – finally linking both East and West Pasila, previously separated by the railyard. Tripla is expected to form the core of a true hallmark district.

Mixed Use Perfected

Present in both Tripla and Tower Area, Pasila’s mixed-use concept will combine commercial, office and residential prowess in a novel way. The concept features also a remarkable degree of walkability, as Central Pasila has a dedicated pedestrian mindset.

That’s not to say that cyclists have been forgotten: Tripla Centre alone will feature parking space for 3,400 bicycles.

Railyard Quarters and Beyond

The residential push is strong just north of the Pasila station as the new Railyard Quarters will add 3,000 residents and 1,000 jobs into the big picture. Totalling 180,000 floor square metres, this compact neighbourhood will have its share of tall buildings, too (5-16 storeys).  A grade school for 1,000 students and a daycare centre are also in the cards for the new area.

In accordance to City strategy, Railyard Quarters will be developed sustainably, with plenty of green appeal. For example, greenroofing is the standard here and rain water is utilised where applicable. 

Ilmala Appeal

Ilmala is certainly the smaller of the two stations in the Pasila District, but a lot of local buzz is centered right here. In fact, 1/3 of Pasila’s new jobs and over 1/2 of new residents are located in vicinity of Ilmala station.

Located just a seven-minute train ride north from downtown Helsinki, Ilmala is the key media hub in the country – with the nation’s biggest media players YLE and MTV right here – with big plans for the future.
The City wants to add services and functions into central locations in Ilmala and develop also the local green areas for the residents. Furthermore, there have been ideas to launch a cultural & event oasis in the area under the name ‘Ilmala Studios’.

In April 2018, the City Council approved the zoning plan modification for Postipuisto area in the neighbourhood, making it possible to raise a residential area for 5,700 people in the area. The plans also allow for a construction of a grade school and two daycare centres.

Pasila Key Numbers

Pasila by 2040:

  • 50,000 jobs, over 30,000 residents
  • Most accessible place in Finland: Two railway stations, Pasila and Ilmala, both with airport connection
  • 50,000 residents
  • 50 million passengers annually
  • 5 EUR billion investments by 2040 
Updated 1.4.2019