Suburban regeneration refers to the comprehensive development of the impacted areas. Infill construction is a large part of this development, but there is a great deal more to suburban regeneration. Permanent improvement of living conditions is a central part of the process. The objectives of suburban regeneration are divided into four different focal areas: vitality, urban environment, services, and participation.


Vitality refers to the structural characteristics and aspects that make the areas attractive, safe and versatile. As the vitality of the suburban regeneration areas increases, so do the resident satisfaction and sense of safety, while the building stock also grows and becomes more versatile and attractive. The segregation trend between areas decreases. 

The operational prerequisites of business will also improve and the commercial attractiveness of the areas will grow stronger: the goal is to increase the number of businesses and jobs in the area. Various development projects bring new and inspiring opportunities to the suburban regeneration areas, too. 

Urban environment

The built environment in the suburban regeneration areas has, to a significant degree, reached a stage in its life cycle where renewal has become topical. The goal of the regeneration, therefore, is to improve the areas’ attractiveness. This will also have some effect on the sense of safety in the areas.

Although the suburban regeneration schedule reaches as far as to 2035, the urban environment can be improved faster, too. Plenty of progress will take place in the areas in the near future.

The exercise stairs in the Malminkartano district will be renewed and equipped with lighting. The fixtures, structures and vegetation in and around Kannelmäki train stop will be renovated. The train stop’s service level will be further improved with new bicycle racks and a bike shelter, and the platforms will be equipped with benches and railings.

In the Malmi district, the Traktori play park’s outdoor areas will be renovated, and the playground equipment, vegetation, surface materials and paddling pool will be renewed. An arena with artificial turf will also be built to replace the sand field. The fountain in Ala-Malmi park will be renovated.

The popular disc golf court in the Kivikko area will be renovated and new throwing spots will be built, also suited to competitions. A new exercise area will be built in the recreational area on the northern side of Mellunmäentie road, with easy to use equipment that is especially well-suited to seniors. The renewal of residential park Luosto in Mellunmäki is featured in the plans.


High-quality public services, such as daycare centres, schools, healthcare services, and culture and recreation make residential areas more attractive. Therefore, one of the important goals of suburban regeneration is to meet the residents’ service needs even better than before.

The suburban regeneration areas already have many existing, comprehensive services, such as health stations and libraries, but improved recreational services, for example, will also attract new residents and visitors to the area.


The City’s senior management, divisions and public enterprises are committed to suburban regeneration. Its importance is understood well within the city.

As suburban regeneration is a comprehensive, cross-divisional project, it is vital that people commit to it, both within the City organisation and among the areas’ different stakeholders. Suburban regeneration will be carried out together with the areas’ residents, entrepreneurs, property owners, organisations and associations. 

Communications on suburban regeneration are clear, and it is easy to find information about it.