Helsinki Wood City

Embodied Carbon—the emissions released from materials during the construction of buildings and infrastructure—will be responsible for half of the carbon footprint of new structures between now and 2050. It is a substantial source of carbon emissions in cities that can be dramatically reduced through the legal and regulatory powers of zoning and land use policies.

Using wood to construct buildings is one way to reduce embodied carbon emissions in cities. The below videos, produced together with the the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) shine a light on wood construction, and its potential to improve quality of life in addition to storing carbon. The videos take a look at three examples of wood construction in Helsinki: en events centre, an office building and a daycare centre.

The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance (CNCA) is a collaboration of 22 leading global cities working actively to achieve carbon neutrality. Helsinki became a member of CNCA in 2018.


Pikku-Finlandia event centre in Helsinki city centre


Supercell headquarters in Jätkäsaari


Hopealaakso daycare centre in Kruunuvuorenranta