The development of Vuosaari has advanced exceptionally from the edges towards the current metro station. This provides a good opportunity to build a new centre for up to 60,000 residents in accordance with the needs of the neighbourhood: there will be new services, squares and pedestrian streets. 

The new pedestrian centre of Vuosaari

In the centre of Vuosaari, the best parts of urban housing meet the green nature near the sea. The services are diverse – the Vuosaari sports hall, the Vuotalo culture centre, the shopping centre Columbus and the Vuosaari social and health centre. A new centre for almost 60,000 residents will emerge around the Vuosaari metro station.

The centre will have new public spaces, housing, services, jobs and a new, improved upper secondary school. Vuosaari’s asset is the metro, which moves residents in the area quickly and easily from one place to another and sets up the pedestrian centre of the neighbourhood.

Good, centre-like walking routes are an important part of the planning. Multi-storey residential houses will be built over the next few years alongside Cirrus.

As the first project, a new upper secondary school for 900 students will be completed in the centre of Vuosaari in 2021. Furthermore, there will be a competition concerning the development of the Mosaic quarter next to the upper secondary school.

 Studio Lumart

Construction in Aurinkolahti continues in the Coffee quarter

Currently under construction, the Coffee quarter is becoming the third highlight of Aurinkolahti, in addition to the beach and the canal. The Coffee quarter lies between the sea and the metro, so the best parts of Aurinkolahti are within walking distance.

Aurinkolahti is the Helsinki residents' own Riviera, as it has one of the best beaches between the urban block of flats.


Meri-Rastila is facing an urban modernisation, where the population will almost double, while the parks and squares and the public and commercial services are reshaped. Construction is estimated to start between 2023–2024, but the realisation of the entire project will go on for more than a decade.

The plans for the renovation of Meri-Rastila are already at an advanced stage. The Rastila metro station surroundings will take a more compact form with commercial premises, and some old buildings in need of major repairs will be demolished in the housing area and new housing will be built in their place. Refurbishments to the public spaces, streets and parks are planned at the same time.

The Kallvikintie surroundings and the northern centre

In the area around Kallvikintie, there will be the Jokeri II light rail in the 2030’s and the housing companies will have an opportunity to do infill construction on their plots, which means new residents and new services in the centre. The Ilveskorvenpuisto park will also be refurbished.

Visualization of Kallvikintie. © Avarc Arkkitehdit


New maritime neighbourhoods will be built on the shores of Vartiokylänlahti. In the Puotila marina area, in Rastilanranta and later in the surroundings of the Rastila manor, we are planning new, high-quality housing, services and recreation areas. 

Vartiokylänlahti is a part of eastern Helsinki culture park, which means that a large part of the bay surroundings will remain as a recreation area. The walking routes, guidance and green areas will be improved. In the 2020’s, Puotila and Rastila will have a gate to the eastern archipelago.

Updated 16.11.2021