A particular strength of Vuosaari is its exceptional and wide areas with seascapes, green zones and nature. After the infill construction, Vuosaari’s green zone network will remain largely untouched. In some parts, the construction will cover green zones, but at the same time, there will be new green zones and recreation routes developed in connection to the construction.

Vuosaari is close to nature

From every home in Vuosaari, the distance to the closest park or forest is less than 300 metres. Vuosaari is bordered almost entirely by common and continuous green zones: the seashore in the south, the Vuosaari outdoors park in the east and the eastern Helsinki culture park leaning on Vartiokylänlahti in the west. The park routes continue all the way to Sipoonkorpi National Park.

These premises are held on to in the future as well, when new things are being constructed. The new construction reduces the total volume of green zones in some parts, but at the same time, the recreation areas are being developed, for example, by improving the beach routes in Ramsinranta, Vartiokylänlahti and Uutela. The nature conservation programme is being implemented in parallel with the land use planning.


Vuosaarenhuippu is a distinctive and popular recreation area in Vuosaari, which has been constructed and landscaped for a decade. The objective is that the landscaping of Vuosaarenhuippu is completed during 2021. The plans for the area include new parking areas, entrance gates, information screens and new recreation routes. 

The highest point in the area is 60 metres and from the peak opens a beautiful view over entire Helsinki and the Vuosaari harbour. Vuosaarenhuippu’s varying, 60 hectare terrain is suitable for a wide range of activities, like hiking and skiing, bird watching and nature excursions. There are diverse meadows and beautiful juniper copses. Indeed, the meadows and bushes of Vuosaarenhuippu are an important part of the meadow network in eastern Helsinki.

Uutela outdoor recreation area

Within walking distance from the Vuosaari metro station is the vast Uutela outdoor recreation area, more than 100 hectares of forest and sea shore. It is a magnificent camping destination for outdoor people of all ages, and on the nature trails visitors can perform amusing tasks related to the nature of Uutela.

Old forests in their natural state and beautiful high cliffs can be found in Uutela. In the eastern part of the area in Särkkäniemi, there are meadows and gloe lakes, where seawater has turned into freshwater due to post-glacial rebound. In the northern part, there are two marshes in the middle of the forests. From the shores, you can see bay creeks and the Sipoo archipelago. In the middle of Uutela is the old estate of Skata. From the tip of Skatanniemi opens a grand view of the sea.


Kallahdenniemi is an imposing esker peninsula reaching out from Vuosaari. Due to its sandy soil, it features a rugged, bright pine forest atypical for Helsinki. The beaches on the peninsula are wide and beautiful. The esker continues into the sea as an underwater sandbank.

The esker ridge of the peninsula has been protected as a separate nature reserve, as has the meadow created by postglacial rebound at the tip of the peninsula. Both nature reserves and the water area surrounding the peninsula are included in the European Union’s Natura 2000 network of valuable nature sites. During migratory periods, waterbirds and waders gather in the sandy shallows.

In Vuosaari...

  • the distance from every home to the nearest park or forest is 300 metres at most
  • the share of green zones is 37 per cent of the surface area
  • the share of green zones after the infill construction is 35 per cent of the surface area
  • there is more than 20 kilometres of shoreline
  • there are four beaches
  • there are seven marinas

Updated 16.11.2021