Excellent connections and diverse services make Vuosaari the easternmost urban centre of Helsinki.

Urban services in maritime surroundings

The rail service will become an increasingly important part of Vuosaari’s appeal. In addition to the metro, the Joker II light rail line will bring passengers from northeast and north Helsinki to Vuosaari in the future.

Vuosaari already has versatile services – shops, sports services, playgrounds and schools. The Columbus shopping centre has been constructed as a bridge uniting the neighbourhoods of Vuosaari over Vuotie and the metro track. 

Swimming hall, halls for ball games and exercise spaces can be found in the expanded Vuosaari sports hall and the Vuotalo cultural centre, internationally known for its architecture, offers cultural experiences for people of all ages. In the centre is the Vuosaari social and health centre, and a senior centre will be built next to it in the next few years.

New upper secondary school starts reformation of the centre

The first significant construction site started in 2019, in the immediate vicinity of the metro station. On the site, there will be a new upper secondary school for 900 students. The project will be completed by autumn 2021. The upper secondary school will be constructed as a public–private partnership project.  The upper secondary school's learning environments are planned to meet the needs of future learning and the different learners and ways to learn will be acknowledged in the planning of the premises. The teaching premises will be made versatile and modifiable.

At the same time, there will be multi-purpose premises for the hobbies and activities of the Vuosaari residents, as the use of the premises during evenings and weekends offers opportunities for the associations in the area. Premises will be made available for basic arts education for children and young people and the possibilities of commercial spaces and housing in connection to the upper secondary school are being looked into.

The new upper secondary school. © Verstas Arkkitehdit

Diverse sports and outdoor activities

Vuosaari has endless opportunities for outdoor activities in the sea nature and forest environment. Also on offer are services for nature travel, the Rastila camping area and maritime recreation opportunities can be found, for example, at the seven marinas in Vuosaari.

Vuosari sports ground and the sports park in central Vuosaari offer outdoor football pitches and skate ramps, and FC Viikingit’s football hall is being planned next to the golf course. At the Vuosaari Sports Hall next to the metro station, visitors can swim, work out, play ball sports and exercise.

Services of Vuosaari in figures

  • Vuosaari metro station: 26,800 passengers per day
  • Vuotalo: 500,000 culture enthusiasts per year
  • Vuosaari Sports Hall: 600,000 athletes per year
  • Columbus shopping centre: 6,400.000 shoppers per year
Updated 16.11.2021