Helsinki has launched a new kind of suburban regeneration model, the purpose of which is to comprehensively create new vitality in residential areas, across the City’s administrative divisions.

The City of Helsinki’s city strategy has recently helped highlight the significance and value of infill construction in addition to building completely new residential areas. Positive change in old suburban areas increases well-being and achieves sustainable growth for the city.

To support this, the City of Helsinki has launched a new, cross-administrative suburban regeneration model, the pilot areas of which will be the districts of Malminkartano-Kannelmäki, Malmi and Mellunkylä. The built environment in these areas has, to a significant degree, reached a stage in its life cycle where regeneration is due. The location of these areas along rail transport connections was another factor in their selection.

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The purpose of the suburban regeneration is to improve the comfort and appeal of residential areas comprehensively and facilitate high-quality infill construction. One of the goals of Helsinki’s city strategy is for Helsinki to become a top European example in preventing segregation of residential areas. Suburban regeneration is a tool, which Helsinki uses to achieve this strategic goal, thus facilitating the equality and well-being of different city districts.

Sunurban regeneration is part of Helsinki’s new housing and land use implementation plan.

Unique, lively and attractive residential areas

The objective of suburban regeneration is to both maintain and create unique, lively and attractive residential areas that offer a great deal of opportunities for housing and recreation. Another goal is that the areas also attract visitors to take part in various activities and events that reinforce the identity of each area.

As a future consequence of this suburban regeneration, the inequality of residential areas decreases and Helsinki residents will have more options for their housing, transport and business choices. In the renewed areas, satisfied residents live in safe and attractive surroundings, proud of their own unique district.

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