There are three suburban regeneration areas: Malminkartano-Kannelmäki, Malmi and Mellunkylä. The built environment in these areas has, to a significant degree, reached a stage in its life cycle where regeneration has become due. The location of these areas along rail transport connections was another factor in their selection.


The growing and evolving Mellunkylä district in Eastern Helsinki has good services and great outdoor recreation, exercise and hobby opportunities. Mellunkylä has 38,000 residents, and it encompasses the Mellunmäki, Kontula, Kivikko, Kurkimäki and Vesala residential areas.

Mellunkylä is already served by the Helsinki metro system, but in the future transport connections will improve further when the Vantaa tram and other large-scale transport projects proceed.

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The work on the future vision of central Malmi was launched in autumn 2018 and completed in February 2020. The surroundings of the Malmi train station were identified as the key renewal site. The objective of the vision is to develop Malmi into a strong, attractive and comfortable centre for the entire Northeastern Helsinki, especially as the neigbouring former Malmi airfield is being developed into a new residential area with thousands of new homes. Dialogue between the residents and other stakeholders has been an intrinsic part of the vision work.​

A new light rail connection from Malmi to down-town Helsinki is also being planned.

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Neighbouring areas Malminkartano and Kannelmäki are located in northwest Helsinki, with excellent transport connections along the ring rail from the City centre to the airport. Nature is always near in these lush areas. In Malminkartano, the exercise stairs take residents on top of Malminkartanonhuippu peak, and culture centre Kanneltalo in Kannelmäki invites residents to enjoy diverse culture events.

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Imagined vision of the Malminkartano train stop area in the future.